Supreme Court rules in home family health workers don’t have to pay dues. Blow to SEIU.

June 30, 2014


SCOTUS rules 5-4 state may not conscript family home health workers into dues paying public sector union members


One of the big power grabs on the labor left has been the conscription of home health care workers into a public sector unions. This includes the–I’ll say it–scam that pays family members to take care of their own needy family members. The state take over of the home health workers was also a gift to the unions–especially the SEIU– which leveraged the deal into more dues and power, sacrificing one’s castle for the union hall. 

Today, the US Supreme Court said hold up. 

In an Illinois case, the highest court said home health workers aren’t full fledged union workers and therefore should not be forced to give over union dues.

Backed by the anti-union National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, the employees had asked the court to upend a decades-old practice that lets public-sector unions collect money from workers who do not want union representation, so long as the money is not spent on political activities.

the SEIU and public sector unions  union dues out of people taking care of their family members. It was a big price to pay.