Suicide by Doctor

October 5, 2005


I’ve been amused by the MSM’s reaction to the arguments made in front of SCOTUS today on the issue whether the state’s use of federally regulated drugs to kill people is an appropriate use of federal drug laws. We’re told that John Roberts didn’t let Oregon’s Senior Assistant Attorney General get one sentence out before he began peppering Robert Atkinson with questions which seemed to indicate which way he’ll vote on the issue. Anthony Kennedy was quoted as saying–wait for it–“It’s a tough case,” which the MSM didn’t attempt to translate except to intimate by including it in their stories that the observation was deep, really deep, man. The issue is whether Oregon’s ability to regulate the way in which physicians practice medicine trumps the federal government’s ability to regulate drugs. Although the ruling could go the pro life way, and I hope it does, Oregon’s Suicide by Doctor fans may find their best friend in John Roberts who understands more than most what states’ rights mean—really mean.

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