#2 House Dem Steny Hoyer calls for more unemployment

January 7, 2014


Hitting the food bank for a basket of goodies, selling what’s left in the jewelry box, cashing in what you dare of retirement savings and ‘Craig’s Listing’ possessions have become a regular part of Americans’ survival plans. The horrible economy and onerous regulations such as the Democrats’ Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare have killed jobs. That fact is confirmed in the numbers of jobs going part time and the nine million workers who sit on the sidelines but who are no longer counted as unemployed. People are trying to survive until things get better. Sadly, the Democrats have announced plans to make things worse.

Instead of stanching the economic bleeding of hurting people, the number two most powerful Democrat in the House, Steny Hoyer, is calling for expansion of the programs that exacerbated our economic problems. And, as he does,  he once again blames Republicans.  The net effect is, Nancy Pelosi’s consigliere would rather have more unemployment than retreat from their failed plans: 


“Undermining” ObamaCare is precisely what is needed to stop the job bleeding. In fact, it’s precisely the one thing for which Americans are now clamoring. But Hoyer would prefer to extend the misery by throwing more borrowed money at their created problem:

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I told reporters today the 1st priority of Congress should be an extension of emergency unemployment insurance . #ExtendUI

And here Hoyer calls for more of the same:

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Today’s sked: http://t.co/SoNhXX26e3 At start of new session, 1st priority should be to #ExtendUI for Americans searching for work.

Gee, Steny, what’s the definition of insanity again?