February 24, 2022

Episode 52

WA-3 Congressional candidate Joe Kent talks his career as a Green Beret and why he's running in the primary to dethrone the GOP incumbent!

On this packed episode of The Adult in the Room, you’ll hear the latest message from Pastor Anatoly Kaluzhny, who gives an update on the rapidly deteriorating situation in Kiev.

We hear from Julie Barrett, founder of Conservative Ladies of Washington, who shares a chilling personal story about how a Washington state shelter for at-risk youth used Seattle’s Children’s Hospital to try to seize guardianship of her teen daughter, the legal battle that ensued, and how it nearly cost the young girl her life. Julie also talks about pending legislation that could make such proceedings even easier, and how it could be coming to your state soon.

But first, we are joined by Joe Kent, a former Green Beret and a Gold Star Husband who is challenging Jaime Herrera Beutler for her seat representing Washington’s 3rd Congressional District. He talks about his issues with US foreign policy, what made him get into the race, who he considers Congress’ best leaders on the issues, and much, much more.

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Victoria Taft @ PJ Media