SPECIAL REPORT: Kyle Rittenhouse • Video Vindication / The Acquittal with Kenny Hitt & Kurt Schlichter

November 24, 2021

Episode 42

The prosecutors' questionable ethical choices didn't stop the jury from freeing Kyle Rittenhouse. So what's next?
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Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man after his acquittal on murder charges this past Friday. Adult In The Room’s producer, Kenny Hitt, joins the program to help dissect the controversial “Hocus Pocus Out of Focus” video introduced by the prosecution, and to talk about why bad practices with video evidence could bite both prosecutors and defendants.

Destructive Image Alteration via Resizing: Example 1

This video illustrates how resizing a photo or video can be destructive to the content of the image. The original image is by Owen Cannon via Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/@llamastudios): https://unsplash.com/photos/6TLCSMj8zgE The image was initially saved as a 1920×1080 original, reduced & cropped from Cannon’s much-higher resolution version to preserve sharpness & clarity.

Destructive Image Alteration via Resizing: Example 2

This video illustrates how resizing a photo or video can be destructive to the content of the image. The original video was recorded on a Nikon d5300 DSLR camera at a resolution of 1080p60. It is shown here reduced to a resolution of 270p60, 1/16 its original size, then compared to the original footage in splitscreen.


Then, the one and only Kurt Schlichter returns to give his always-lively thoughts on the trial, its repercussions for self-defense cases in America, and the prosecutors’ ethics (or lack thereof).

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Kyle Rittenhouse and the Red-Pilling of America by Kurt Schlichter at Townhall.com

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