Some of your thoughts on government control of Gas prices…

September 23, 2005



I think government should be able to control the price of gas to the extent that it prevents obvious price gouging. For instance, the government could create a formula to determine gas prices per supply and demand in any given situation like a big hurricane and put a price increase cap in a percentage format depending on what is happening in the industry. This formula would be flexible to the circumstance yet realistic to the extent that things like panic and other irrational sources of price gouging will not hold power to affect the price of gas. This gives the government limited power yet allows for the necessary market corrections for something like a Hurricane.

Example: (not likely accurate but shows the point I’m making)
Hurricane lowers oil production by 10%
Government caps gas price increase to an additional 10%

-Mike Vancouver, WA

Victoria, your caller is trying to distinquish between gross margin, and net margin. Gross margin is before expenses (payroll, electricity, etc.).

I also run a couple gas stations, and what I’ve heard so far tonight about gas stations is about right, although the margins are higher in Eugene, but the volume is lower….


Like to see the Public Utilities Commission, here in Oregon
That’s exactly what they do; decide what amount of profit is reasonable.
Well? Is this organization some worthless piece of trash?
Yes, it is, the board members are totally submerged into the pockets of the
wolves who feed upon the sheep they are suppose to protect.
So maybe your right, any government agency that “had our back” for gasoline
prices would just end up dipping their wicks into our tanks.

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