Social Engineers to Portland: Gridlock, Learn to Love it!

September 5, 2006


Ah, Portland. Home of “smart growth,” pretty little trains, tram scams, and now it holds the distinction of being the 12th most traffic congested city in the country.

Interesting, isn’t it, that Portland, while being the 12th worst traffic congested city (as adjudged by the Reason Institute—find study here)

Portland is the 30th largest city. Clearly our congestion is out of kilter for the population. Wow! Is this what those smart growth-urban-growth-boundary loving folks said would happen if they were put in charge? Well, as a matter of fact yes. Los Angeles style gridlock was always considered desireable because it would force you to get on their pretty little trains.

Yes, we know it’s not working, but the social engineers don’t want to hear it. They never have.

City Population in 2030 (000s) Congestion Index in 2030

  1. Los Angeles-Long Beach
    2. Chicago
    3. Washington
    4. San Francisco-Oakland
    5. Atlanta
    6. Miami
    7. Denver-Aurora
    8. Seattle-Tacoma, WA
    9. Las Vegas
    10. Minneapolis-St. Paul
    11. Baltimore
    12. Portland

Portland is 30th largest city in the country.

Portland is the 12th most traffic congested city.

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