The Hobby Lobby case in the Supreme Court sends advocates to Twitter to tout narratives. Who picks them up?

How do media narratives get set? Good questions. Here’s just one way I saw via Twitter. Reporters and advocates for all sides send out their micro messages on the 140 character social site. But who picks up the talking points?

I was scanning Twitter about the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) while waiting for the next batch of not so live blog updates come in. Here’s what I saw:
Planned Parenthood sets the tone:

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Early word from the #SCOTUS argument: 3 female justices aggressively questioning #HobbyLobby and Conestoga attorneys.

And then ABC picks up the hint:

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Quick read on #HobbyLobby arguments: the women of #SCOTUS dominated the first half of questioning. 12pET:

Originally there were four tweets I saw in this theme but, sadly, they got lost in the ether. Won’t happen again. 
Here’s a new one you should be watching out for:

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The Hobby Lobby case & the AZ #SB1062 Anti-Gay Law are cut from the same cloth. Can’t use religion to discriminate!