Saturday Night Spoofs ‘Undocumented Guests’

December 6, 2009


Why all the concern these past couple weeks over the Salahi’s sneaking into the White House State Dinner? Given how our government for some time looks upon granting ‘undocumented workers’ entitlements and proposing amnesty for their sneaking into the country, shouldn’t these ‘undocumented guests’ at the White House receive the same?

Why wasn’t 2 more places sat at the table for them, like we are encouraged to do for ‘illegal immigrants?’ Just because they weren’t officially invited doesn’t mean they should be treated like criminals. Maybe they should get free health care, free housing, free legal services and free White House green cards, so next time they can bring their families and relatives too!

How can anybody be mad at them just because they crossed over some arbitrary man made border? They were only there to do the things that regularly invited guests didn’t want to do – like hang out with Joe Biden.

Are ‘illegal guests’ at the White House to be treated differently by the very people who desire amnesty and entitlements for ‘illegal immigrants?’

The “Undocumented Guests” orginally came from a post by Brian K. Shoemake on his blog,

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