San Diego Mayor’s Race: Alavarez embraces Obama endorsement

February 10, 2014


obama-food-stamps-bread-line-change-poverty-jobs-101480554489President Obama has weighed into the San Diego mayoral race. The endorsement was released by the David Alvarez campaign on Saturday.

“As a native San Diegan, David Alvarez has been a fierce advocate for his city, and on the Council, has led efforts to build a strong middle class, put neighborhoods first and expand opportunities for kids in and out of school. Today, with the city’s economy and neighborhoods poised to make progress there is no question that David is the right choice to be San Diego’s next mayor and I am excited to support him.”

He could have written the same thing about Alvarez rival Kevin Faulconer, with the sole exception of which California city he was born in, but no matter. 

Photo by 10News

Fiscally prudent San Diego voters remember all too well how America’s Finest City morphed into becoming Enron by the Sea. Having the wildest spending president endorse you because he thinks you’ll be a mini me isn’t so much an endorsement as it is a big AAOOOGA! WARNING! WARNING! CUIDADO!

For his part, Faulconer racked up a few endorsements of his own,

“I’m proud to have the support of local San Diegans, including Father Joe Carroll, 7 San Diego County mayors, hard working San Diego police officers, African American pastors, LGBT leaders, and respected former Mayor Jerry Sanders who knows I have the experience and independence to lead our city and continue the reforms to improve our neighborhoods. While my opponent continues to benefit from millions of dollars from out-of-town government unions, I’m proud to be running a campaign for San Diego, supported by San Diegans.” 

If all politics is local, whose endorsements would you prefer?