Logan Heights business owner heard of need to house illegal aliens through radical “Border Angels” group. 

Photo from 10News.
Photo from 10News.

“Now, we’re getting death threats. They’re going to kill me. They’re going to kill my family.”

It’s hard to know where to begin on this story. First, if it’s true Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company owner Mark Lane received death threats, that is just simply ignorant, wrong and moronic.  I mean, honestly, President Obama created this border crisis as a political issue. Fight the politics. Call your elected officials. Make signs. Protest. Block buses. Don’t threaten someone’s life!

Photo by 10News
Photo by 10News

10News reports a Facebook page calling for a boycott of his store has been removed after a moronic commenter claimed Lane needed a beating. People on the side of stopping the phalanx of border crashers are on the correct side of the rule of law and border security issues. They should act like it and not give open borders backers any ammunition.

And it is with that in mind I call attention to a few issues I see with this story.

First: Lane claims he has “no opinion” on the issue of the border crashers. Yet, he heard about this family from the radical group Border Angels. The story also notes how he is receiving phone calls from immigrant rights groups from all over the country. For a man with “no opinion” on the issue, he seems eager to talk to these groups and does so in flawless Spanish.

Second: Lane claims he has “no opinion” on this issue, yet claims he was asked by his quite bright five year old child about why the buses in Murrieta were stopped. He told his son it was because they were filled with “brown people.” That’s quite a lie to sell your kid, huh? The claim is laughable on its face. It’s interesting that the citizens of Murrieta have failed to protest brown people who are legally here. But the Border Angel folks continue pushing this libel in the media. This business owner obviously has lapped it up.

Third: How did the Border Angel group know to ask Mark Lane to take in a family? Why would they approach a stranger who just opened a business six months ago to do that? Opening a business with a precocious five year old is a total time and money suck. Seems odd he would take that on. 

Fourth: The family he took in from Guatemala is comprised of a mother, 23 year old daughter and “two teenage sons”. Yet, they’re worried about gangs back in Guatemala which they give as the reason for fleeing. Where’s Dad? Already in the US waiting for them?

Fifth: The story takes on a horrific tone when we’re told the 23 year old daughter was raped multiple times on the trip el norte. As a result, we’re told, even though “[w]e had two extra rooms…they didn’t want to be separated so they all piled into one room.” I’d want to be with my mom, too. But can’t the two teenage boys have their own room? I mean, the U.S. government is paying people up to $6,000.00/month to take in as many as five of “Barry’s Kids”.

Sixth: Not one of this collection of people is a child. Weren’t we opening our borders and deconstructing our rule of law “for the children”?