San Diego Councilman, Todd Gloria: It’s illegal even if there’s no law

March 11, 2014


It’s illegal even if there’s no law against it.

City Council President, Todd Gloria
City Council President, Todd Gloria

San Diego City Council President–and former interim mayor–Todd Gloria is giving wonderful insight into the mind of a progressive public servant.

In a recent story about the ongoing conflict between the city and food trucks, the Union Tribune reported,

“Council President Todd Gloria, taking offense at some of the public comments criticizing the regulations as discriminatory, pointed out that food trucks are in fact currently operating unlawfully because of the absence of regulations.”

While an incredibly talented politico, Todd Gloria needs to read his constitution. Even folks commenting on the newspaper site picked up on the council president’s flawed logic. Here’s one example:

Erik D. Hanson ·  Top Commenter · San Diego, California
If Todd Gloria thinks something is illegal because there is no law permitting it, then he has no business being in the lawmaking business. I hope he was misquoted.

Correctomundo, Erik. You’re right and the council president has it all wrong.

The left’s most reviled amendment to the Constitution still in use–the 10th Amendment–is instructive on this issue,

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Simply put, if there ain’t no law, there ain’t no breaking the law. 

I will go further by saying this is a fundamental misconception about a citizen’s relationship withlollipops his government. All rights reside with the individual by virtue of natural law and constitutional law. The constitution is a document that limits the power OF THE GOVERNMENT not the people. The center of the government is the individual. This makes the United States unique among all governments world wide. It’s the reason we call America “exceptional.” 

The left would love to scoop up all individual rights, privileges and responsibilities and dole them out like candy on Halloween. 

If there’s no law, there’s no candy.