Russell Shows Lack of Experience on City Council

Washougal mayor Stacee Sellers is in a bit of hot water over what may be improper use of taxpayer funds for personal expenditures. Just as if not more relevant is candidate Jon Russell, running for the 3rd Congressional District seat held currently by Brian Baird has unwittingly revealed his own lack of experience or naivete in the matter.

Audit critical of Washougal spending

Sellers’ Las Vegas expenses questioned

From the accounts given, Russell reveals himself as having no idea about the expenditures even though he sits on the Washougal City Council Oversight Committee.

In part he says this is due to the mayor preventing him and other council members from seeing expense reports and blocking them from talking to department heads.

Jon, if you cannot stand up to the mayor of a small town of 9,000 citizens, how would you ever stand up to the likes of Nancy Pelosi?

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