Running Scared: Congressional Republicans

November 11, 2005


The Wall Street Journal takes to task the liberal republicans who have torpedoed the republican agenda in the latest budget. Who needs the Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosis when we’ve got these turn coats?

  • So, let’s see: These Congressional giants are demanding that Americans be taxed more to pay subsidies to defray the soaring heating bills caused in part by Congress’s refusal to allow more drilling for domestic oil and gas. In another bitter irony, the House has already voted for Alaskan drilling five times since 2001, only to be stymied by the Senate. Now that the Senate has maneuvered to pass ANWR with 51 votes by using the budget process to elude a filibuster, the House 25 are doing Harry Reid’s dirty work.

  • America can survive these policy setbacks; the question is whether the Republican majority will, or even should. If a GOP Congress can’t vote to sustain its own wildly successful tax cuts, or to explore for more domestic energy, let’s just turn Congress over to Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and at least have truth in liberal advertising.

  • Charles Bass (NH)
  • Sherwood Boehlert(NY)
  • Jeb Bradley (NH)
  • Mike Castle (Del)
  • Vernon Ehlers (Mich)
  • Mike Ferguson (NJ)
  • Mike Fitzpatrick (Penn)
  • Rod Frelinghuysen (NJ)
  • Jim Gerlach (Penn)
  • Wayne Gilchrest (Mont)
  • Bob Inglis (SC)
  • Nancy Johnson (Conn)
  • Tim Johnson (Ill)
  • Sue Kelley (NY)
  • Mark Kennedy (Minn)
  • Mark Kirk (Ill)
  • Jim Leach (Iowa)
  • Frank LoBiondo (NJ)
    Jim Ramstad (Minn)
  • Dave Reichert (Wash)
  • Jim Saxton (NJ)
  • James Sensenbrenner (Wisc)
  • Christopher Shays (Conn)
  • Robert Simmons (Conn)
  • James Walsh (NY)

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