Rich Carson: A Sexy Kind of Blue

February 20, 2012


Portland, Oregon is now rated as the most promiscuous city in America. From Time Magazine:

 By analyzing how many people have profiles with “Casual Sex” marked as a type of relationship they’re looking for and then tallying where those users live, [Dating Site] OkCupid has found the cities with the highest percentage of bed-hoppers.

Rounding out the top five: Seattle, Pittsburgh, Miami and San Francisco.

But what also escapes many is that it also has the most depressed people in America. 
So what do these people have in common? Perhaps no hope. But then, I am just a doctorate student who studies behavioral psychology. 
Richard Carson is a former planning director of Metro (the Portland regional government); director of land use for Oregon City, Oregon and Clark County, Washington; policy analyst for Governor’s Atiyeh, Goldschmidt and Roberts; and is a doctorate student at Washington State University in organizational development.

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