Revealed: Why This NBC Host Didn’t Get Arrested for Breaking the Law Live on TV.

January 29, 2015

One Rule for Thee, But Another for Me

Why wasn’t NBC’s David Gregory jailed? Anyone else would have been locked up for this.

From my story over at Independent Journal Review:


A two-year-long legal battle to find out why David Gregory was never arrested for breaking Washington, D.C.’s strict gun laws–live and flagrantly on NBC’s Meet the Press–is over.

The result, according to the attorneys from Legal Insurrection blog and Judicial Watch is this: Gregory knew he was breaking the law, flouted it on TV and, even though D.C. Metropolitan Police INVESTIGATORSwanted him arrested, they were ordered to stand down.

Head over there to find out WHY the DC Metro police failed to arrested then host of NBC’s Meet the Press. Here’s the document obtained by Legal Insurrection Blog and Judicial Watch for why Gregory should have been arrested for possessing that large capacity magazine.