Resist We Much: Al Sharpton Laments “Intimidation” and “Threats” Against Oregon State Senator Ginny “Gitcherguns” Burdick.

al sharpton resist we muchAl Sharpton, the man whose let’s watch “this cracker suffer” chants, protests and, dare I say it, intimidation sparked the fires that burned Jewish owned stores in Harlem; who stoked the fires of anti semitism with his lies about  Jewish people–leading to the stabbing death of an innocent Hassidic Jewish man; whose anti semitic rants are ignored by his current employer (NBC); and whose complicity in the lies of Tawana Brawley intimidated the NYPD and ruined the careers and cops and prosecutors–all under the banner of civil rights– is now lamenting the “intimidation” tactics of Oregon civil rights activists who back the second amendment.

I’d laugh if the joke weren’t so perverse.

But Al Sharpton featured Oregon State Senator Ginny Burdick on his MSNBC program this week. Burdick, the bell boy for the gun hating lobby, girlishly giggled throughout the television spectacle, pretending to be intimidated while at the same time posturing as a savior of all college students at Portland State University against “extreme” “fringe” gun and “rude” gun owners whose rights are threatened by Burdick’s gun bills in the Oregon legislature. 

As you know by now, Burdick cancelled the March 4th town hall. She avoided the town hall because she knew few people would be their to support her efforts to grab more guns and her political opponents would be there. See my posts on it here.           

guns ginny pinball wizard

Her excuses for cancelling it could put her in the pinball wizard category. She’s got crazy flipper fingers! First she claimed she had scheduling conflicts (ping!). Then she was caught on tape at home with take out during the town hall (ping, ping!) Then she claimed she’d been intimidated and bodily threatened (ding!). Then she claimed she cancelled because she didn’t want ‘the children’ at Portland State University to be subjected to her constituents, or as she puts it, the “extreme” “fringe” “gun lobby,” who would “crash” her town hall and exhibit “rude” behavior (ding, ding, ding!).

“[Her] disciples lead her in and [s]he just does the rest.”

Which brings us to Al Sharpton’s show.

Sharpton, “And outside the beltway, we’re seeing a movement, we’re seeing activism. …But in Oregon, a troubling trend is hurting the chances for real reform. Pro gun advocates are intimidating lawmakers with threatening emails and video surveillance which is forcing them to back off legislation. It is politics by intimidation! And nobody in this fight will be intimidated.” Joining me now is OryGONE State Senator who is the target of intimidation.

Burdick: (giggles like a school girl): Well I had a town hall and I got wind that the gun extremists were planning on crashing the town hall and it was ih uh it was at a university Portland State University and I did not want to subject students to uh that kind of uh event because uh when they when that happens this happened to me before when town halls have been crashed and not only are they able to legally bring in loaded guns which is very intimidating, but their behavior is extremely intimidating and when its happen…

Sharpton: (Interrupting) ‘when they’re bringing in loaded guns?

Burdick: yes.

Sharpton: And they they be..their behavior is and when you say their behavior is extreme, what do they do when they have these loaded guns?

Burdick: Uh, they’re very rude, disruptive and again, this is the fringe, this is not your regular gun owner, this is the fringe. But uh unfortunately, they are uh dominating the discussion right now and it’s uh, it’s very unfortunate.

Sharpton: Uh, let me show this extreme, uh, group uh when they came into the state capitol with guns. This is actually in the state of Oregon this extreme uh group uh who do not represent the majority of the gun owners in Oregon but they are an extreme group. Now, you cancelled the town hall meeting and then what did they do?

Burdick: girlishly giggling again, “yes and when I cancelled the town hall meeting, I didn’t want to say anything inflammatory so I just said the standard scheduling conflict. Well, they showed up at my house and they st they stayed in front of my house for two and a half hours taping everything I did, doing …and their point was that I didn’t have a scheduling conflict. So uh they thought that they would get a lot of mileage from that but they ran but they ran my address and they ran uh very threatening comments about it.

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