Reporters Covering Portland Ferguson Protests “Arrested” With Protesters

December 1, 2014

Did the Mayor of Portland sign off on arresting reporters...?

KGW, Mercury and Citizen Journalist, Laughing at Liberals cover protests and are detained instead by Portland Police Bureau.

Image Credit: Laughing at Liberals
Image Credit: Laughing at Liberals

When the Portland Professional Protesters decided to do a “die in” in the middle of the street, the cops announced a mass arrest. Three reporters were swept up, told they were arrested, and taken into temporary custody.

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My photog and I locked in area with #DontShootPDX protesters, told we can’t leave @KGWNews @PortlandPolice

In case you’re wondering, that is ridiculous. It is wrong. They were not breaking the law, they were watching those breaking the law.

“Everyone Is Under Arrest” Portland Michael Brown March

After a “die in” at 2nd and Main, Portland police place the entire crowd under arrest. Riot cops move in from all 4 corners and corral everyone in a tiny are…

As the Portland Police Bureau does its after action report on this latest episode of the Portland Protester Class, I hope they re-think sweeping up reporters who are doing NOTHING wrong except REPORTING.

I call on the Society of Professional Journalists to file a complaint with the PPB over this complete overreach by the Portland Police Bureau.