Rees Lloyd: Indigenous Peoples Day? Happy Columbus Day.

October 13, 2014

Columbus Day gets cultural scrubbing by politically correct historical revisionists.

Scrubbing our past just makes us collectively dumber.


Once upon a time,  Americans celebrated “Columbus Day” to honor Christopher Columbus, and taught their children of the great courage, daring, and navigational skill of Columbus. Now, Columbus Day, Columbus himself, and Columbus’ achievement, are progressively denigrated rather than celebrated in a transformed America in the progressive liberal Age of Obama. 

The most recent example is the self-righteous, poke-America-in-the-eye act of the self-identified “progressive” City of Seattle to abolish Columbus Day and instead celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day.  That and related acts appear  to evidence that the only thing in which President Barack Hussein Obama is succeeding is in “transforming America” as he said he would do five days before his election in 2008.

A  comparison with the transformational acts of Columbus in 1492 with the transformational acts of Barack Hussein Obama is, therefore,  appropriate in 2014:

Columbus, the Great Helmsman,  dared to go in 1492 “where no (European) man had gone before,” and thereby transformed the world. He was the first human from  Western Civilization to discover America. Columbus’ discovery would ultimately lead, based on Western Civilizational values,  to the creation of  the greatest, most free nation in the history of the world,  the United States of America — ultimately benefitting all peoples living in its Constitutional Republic, including the descendants of the aboriginal people of America, who have the highest standard of living of any indigenous people in the world.

Saliently,  in 1942, Columbus expressly sought the guidance of God in making his transformational voyage. Based thereon, Columbus chose a route across the ocean to avoid and thereby negate the menace of the Muslim world,  as author William J. Federer has discussed in detail on his his on Columbus.

Today, in 2014, Barack Hussain Obama, The Great Incompetent, at the helm of America, guided by the gods of  progressive liberal secular humanism, chooses thereon to  bow to Muslim potentates and cower  before murderous Islamist jihadists, fecklessly leading America with his behind  as  Muslim terrorists attempt to transform the world back into the dark night of the totalitarian tyranny of seventh century Islam — a Muslim political ideology as menacing to American and world freedom today as was the ideology of Hiter’s National Socialism (NAZIism) yesterday.

It they succeed, perhaps America will one day  be so “transformed” that progressive liberals — perhaps living under Muslim Sharia Law if not decapitated by conquering Islamic jihadists —  will self-righteously wipe Columbus entirely out of history as a politically incorrect infidel and proudly proclaim and impose on Americans annual  “Caliphate Day,” denouncing all patriots who disagree as racist “Islamaphobes.”

(Rees Lloyd is a longtime civil rights lawyer, veterans activist, and a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce.)