Once upon a time in America, Flag Day, June 14, was a day of parades, marching bands, celebrations of respect and reverence for the Flag under which some 1,400,000 veterans have given their lives fighting in war to defend freedom. images

Flag Day is observed at American Legion Posts, VFW Posts, and at gatherings of other veterans’ and patriotic organizations all over the country. Many observances by veterans include disposing worn and tattered American Flags with dignity by ceremonial burning.

On Flag Day 2014, the question must be asked: Where were all the Flags at homes and neighborhoods as once there were? Where were the marching bands, the gatherings of Americans in community squares and parks to honor the Flag and all of those who have served under it to keep America the land of the free?

For but one example, compare the display of Flags on 6-14-2014, Flag Day, with 9-12-2001, the day after 3,000 Americans were massacred by Muslim fascist fanatics in the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

Then, Flags were everywhere, on almost every home on every street in some areas, on cars, everywhere the Flag, on 9-12-01. That did not include, of course, illegal aliens whose hearts and allegiance remain with the failed countries they fled although it is America by which they are fed, and excludes many foreign Muslim students in American colleges who actually openly celebrated 9-11 as a Muslim victory over the “Great Satan” America, Christian “Crusaders,” and, of course, Jews, whom Islam, , teaches are not human but the spawn of “apes and pigs.”

It was on 9-11-01 that Islamist terrorists, Muslim jihadist fanatics, attacked America in purported service to Allah and Islam, the religion of peace and love. Nineteen mostly-Saudi jihadist fanatics who never should have been allowed in America in the first place, slaughtered some 3,000 innocent Americans, “infidels” in the eyes of Muslims, in attacking the Twin Towers in New York.

True believers in Islam, the 19 Muslim assassins were inspired by the Koran and its promise of 72 virgins in Paradise to “Holy War” martyrs. Their leader, Mohammed Atta, who had been allowed into Germany as a “student” and then into America on the same basis, advised these Muslim murderers to make sure they bathed and dressed well on 9-11 so as to properly meet the 72 virgins awaiting their sexual plunder as the Koran promises.

A good Muslim, Atta did not mind having the blood of 3,000 innocents on his hands, but he didn’t want to give offense to the 72 virgins by body odor or dirty feet after the fact of the murders.

Although there is much liberal slobber about terrorists being just poor Muslims who would be nice if not “driven to terrorism by poverty,” like most Muslim terrorists in the West, Atta was not at all a poor person who turned into a terrorist because of poverty. On the contrary, he was from a relatively well-off Muslim family, a college student in Germany and America by day, and a jihad student by night. Night won.

Atta’s example prompts an inquiry: Why are we importing future dedicated Islamist Attas into America, and American colleges and universities , to spread their fascist Muslim ideology and actually or potentially assassinate Americans as an Islamic religious duty?

During WWII, would we have welcomed into the country and, most particularly, into our colleges and universities, avowed NAZI’s, true believers in Hitler’s totalitarian NAZIism, with the liberal hope that in doing so they would learn to love us rather to kill us for Hitler, their secular God?

If not, why do we welcome into the country, and most particularly into our colleges and universities, avowed true believers in totalitarian, jihadist Islam? Why would we continue to believe that people with a deeply held religious belief based on the teachings of the Koran that they have not only the right but a duty to kill non-believers – to kill us Americans –will, if allowed to immigrate in to our country and into our schools, colleges, and universities, learn to love us rather than kill us for Allah?

Muhammad Atta was a student studying engineering in Germany . He came here on a visa allegedly to attend college. But he did not learn to love the Germans who generously allowed him into their higher education, or to love Americans. Rather, while in Germany he learned how to become a fanatical assassin for Allah, a true believer Muslim mass murderer for Islam which proclaims its aim is conquer the world for Allah by the sword, and to rule the world under Sharia law.

Atta and his terrorist gang of Muslim jihadists sent two planes into the Twin Towers; they attacked the Pentagon with another; and they attempted a third attack until Americans aboard that Islamic death flight fought them, bringing down the plane in a Pennsylvania field, sacrificing their own American lives in doing so.

Today, Osama Bin Laden is dead, but Islamic Jihadism is alive and well. Jihadist Islamists are advancing to conquer in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, no matter the utterly specious rhetoric of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House that Islamic jihadism died along with Bin Laden. Today, as the very much alive totalitarian terrorists of Islam have set on flame and taken major cities in Iraq and are advancing on Bhagdad, Obama, like Nero fiddling as Rome burned, announces he is “studying the situation.”

With terrorists of 9-11 or their successors in Islamic jihadism on the march to take over Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria, where on Flag Day in America are the Flags of Americans? Not the government – that is just show. But Americans, at homes, neighborhood? Where are the Americans to march, parade, affirm their patriotism by celebrating the Flag of freedom, signaling that Americans are standing firm against the black flag of Islamist terrorism?

What did happen to all those Flags that were waved with such apparent love of country on 9/12, the day after the 9/11 Muslim massacre of non-combatant innocents in the name of Allah?

We are a nation still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet, on Flag Day, June 14, 2014, the Flags of 9/12 no longer appear in an America transformed by Barack Obama and progressive liberalism.

Indeed, where once America reverently observed Flag Day in June in peace as well as war, back in the day when patriotism was a virtue and not viewed as evidence that one has a mental or character defect, President Barack Hussein Obama, acting unilaterally and without any statutory authority or concurrence by Congress, has mandated by proclamartion that June must be observed by Americans as Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender (LGBT) Month.

Obama’s decree in a transformed progressive liberal America is apparently the first time in the history of America or any country that a president or monarch has ordered sodomy to be endorsed and honored by citizens, subjects, or serfs.

Obama, a child of the 60’s generation, is perhaps ambulatory proof of Abraham Lincoln’s observation:

“Show me what the children of one generation are learning in their schools; and I will show you the kind of government the next generation will have.”

The generation which produced a 60’s Progressive Liberal in the White House, Obama, also produced those who today lead the American media, and those who lead the educational establishment. All three –Progressive Liberal White House, Media, Government School Establishment — shape public opinion, and public values. All three have combined to teach Americans that diversity, multi-culturalism, and cultural relativism are correct social and political values, while denigrating American exceptionalism and American patriotism, especially “Flag waving” patriotism, which has become derided as a symptom of ignorance, bigotry, unenlightened incompetency, or a kind of mental disease.

Perhaps that is why on Flag Day 2014 there were few parades or large communal observances nor anywhere near the number of Flags that were seen on American homes on 9/12/01, or on Flag Days in earlier generations, including in particular the generation which saved freedom from fascist socialism in World War II.

Indeed, I recently encountered in a national magazine a Progressive Liberal pundit’s denunciation of a conservative by describing him as a person so despicable that he has “the ethics of a Boy Scout, and American Legion patriotism.”

Forgive me if I plead guilty to both on Flag Day 2014, and every day.

For God and Country Forever; Surrender To Tyranny—Never!

(Rees Lloyd, a longtime California civil rights attorney and veterans activist, is a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce.) Editor’s note: Portland area residents may buy their flags at Rose City Awning and Flag. Find them here.  http://rosecityawning.com/flags-and-flagpoles/american-flag/