Rees Lloyd: Was America once a Christian nation?

December 5, 2013


christian nation Bible flagOne of America’s most brilliant public intellectuals, William J. Federer, author of more than a dozen outstanding  books on America’s history  with  an emphasis on its religious heritage, including “America’s God And Country; An Encyclopedia of Quotations,” which I believe is the best  single resource for what the Founding Fathers said and wrote about their beliefs, has written an erudite but very readable essay on on the question, “Was America Once A Christian Nation?”

Federer’s inspiration for addressing this question is the contention of President Barack Hussein Obama that: “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.”           ChristianNation01

Federer’s inspiration for addressing this question is the contention of President Barack Hussein Obama that: “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.”              

Why is “was America once a Christian nation” an important question? 

One reason is that in carrying out his campaign promise to “transform America,” Barack Hussein Obama is also “transforming” history, including America’s heritage as a “Christian nation.” 

 Obama is, himself, of course, a self-identified “Christian,” who came to Christianity only as an adult as an adherent to the Black Liberation Theology doctrines espoused by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, by way of the manifestly racist writings of Black Liberation Theologian James H. Cone. (See, e.g., Cone’s “A Black Theology Of Liberation” and learn how tossing “Molotov cocktails” into White-owned buildings and possibly incinerating White Americans is acceptable Christian conduct — if not a Christian duty — on Cone’s teaching that: “We know, of course, that getting rid of evil takes something more than burning down buildings, but one has to start somewhere.” [40th Anniversary Edition, page 26.]

Aside from his 2006 assertion that even if America once was  a “Christian nation” – which Obama does not concede — it no longer is, Obama became the first U.S. President in history to endorse a particular religion in his official capacity as President, in Obama’s 2009 “Cairo Speech,” where he became also the first U.S. President to grovel and bow to totalitarian Muslim dictators in the Middle East.

The particular religion Obama endorsed in his capacity as President of the U.S. in his “Cairo Speech”? Islam. 

The progressive liberal social engineers of  ACLU have yet to sue President Obama for what appears to be an “endorsement of a particular religion,” Islam, in his official governmental capacity, in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution. ACLU Obama adoring liberal progressives have probably been too busy suing to destroy Crosses honoring veterans at veterans  memorials as violations of the Establishment Clause. 

obama cairo speech

Obama’s  questioning if America was ever a “Christian nation” and his assertion that it definitely is not now, bring to mind Soviet Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin’s famous “transformation” of the history of the Soviet Union. 

 In the first “official” history of the founding of the U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), a photo appeared showing Founding Father Lenin, along with Stalin, Leon Trotsky and other “Founding Fathers” of the Soviet Revolution.  After Stalin had Trotsky driven out of the U.S.S.R and assassinated in exile in Mexico with an axe in his head, the “official” history books were recalled and a retouched photo appeared with Trotsky wiped out of that photo.  

trotsky removed from pictureAs Stalin proceeded to  purge his political enemies one after another, “official” history books were serially recalled and new ones issued, with the Founding Fathers being systematically wiped out of the famous photo, and history, until only Lenin and Stalin were left. It was that “transformed” history that the children of Soviet socialism were taught in the government schools, until the soviet union collapsed.

Obama appears to be attempting to achieve rhetorically what Stalin achieved photographically.

But what is the truth of whether America was founded as a “Christian nation”? 

And can that truth be transformed by Obama and the progressive liberal teachers in government schools, teaching the children to chant “Barack, Hussein, Obama–Mmm, Mmm, Mmm,” and  following Obama as socialists once followed Stalin so adoringly as savior of the nation, their Dear Leader, right into the serfdom of secular, atheistic, socialism?

 Barack Hussein Obama questions whether the nation he now leads was once or ever a “Christian nation.” I will concede that no State in America  was once or ever a “Christian” State  in the nature of the Christianity of  Black Liberation Theology.   But as to Christianity as commonly understood by the more than a billion Christians not adhering to the  Black Liberation Theology of James Cone, Jeremiah Wright, and Barak Obama, William J. Federer in his important essay examines the facts evidencing whether the American States and nation believed America to be a Christian nation.  He details the fundamental founding documents of the States which establish whether they intended to, and did, establish themselves expressly as Christian States forming a Christian nation.

Read the detailed research of William J. Federer into our history, and our religious heritage at WND (here). You decide. 

(Rees Lloyd is a longtime California civil rights lawyer and veterans activist, and a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce.)