Red and Black Coffee Klatch

June 9, 2010


For one hour Tuesday morning a cop, a soldier, marine, airman, fireman and patriot could get a cup of coffee at 400 SE 12th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. You see, the cafethis address won’t serve those people so we thought we would. The owners of the Red and Black Cafe, as you probably know by now, discriminate against cops; in fact they discriminate against people who believe serving this country in uniform is an honor. The owners “profile” people in uniform or those who exercise their second amendment rights. They don’t like cops or guns. These are the people who encourage the anti-WTO crowd, the anarchists, haters, vandals, rabblerousers, lawbreakers. Just look at their website here and look at the meaning of those symbols here.  at
They have every right to decide whom to serve and we have every right to call them out on their behavior and hypocrisy. This is the crowd that always howls about police profiling but does it themselves.

Considering the crowd (here, here, here and here), I knew I’d need a little security, so asked on the air if a couple people would show up and help out. More than expected showed up. About ten 5th Listeners came to help and many more drove by and gave thumbs up or stopped for a minute to chat and get back to work. Mike showed up with a bunch of donuts. Sherry. John. Jim. A few others. They’d never done anything like this before. They’d never intentionally walked into a situation that the City of Portland certainly wouldn’t. But they came. And helped. And observed. And felt empowered.

Hi Victoria, it was nice to meet you this morning at Red and Black. …I am a sixth listener because I am a johnny come lately. I appreciate for what you do, for standing up for what is right. You have inspired me to go ” from I should, to I will “. Thanks for standing up for what is right.
Sincerely yours,
Mark, the courier 

One couple just bought a new car but they wouldn’t drive it fearing vandals would ruin it. They walked and took the bus.The person who donated the coffee didn’t want his name disseminated for fear  the anarchists/vandals would ruin his place. It took a lot of guts for these people to come out.

It was the citizen versus the anti citizen. It feels good to STAND UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT, doesn’t it?
About 25 folks collected (heh) on behalf of the Red and Black. They brought their cameras and microphones as did we. Look for us on some cable station at 2am on Sunday morning soon. I’m sure the editing will be quite humorous.

Hi Victoria…I don’t often agree with you. We are on different sides of the fence. But I had to write to you to tell you how great it was of you to do the coffee thing for the cops! That was amazing. So thank you so much. I also happen to be the Mother In Law of [PPB officer]. 

Few uniformed officials came. We were visited by plain clothes detectives, a Navy corpsman, an Army Ranger and a Coast Guardsman (I believe), police. 

Hi Victoria,
It was great seeing you and your other loyal listeners this morning at the Red and Black cafe.  I’m glad I got a chance to talk to each and thank them individually for their efforts.  It took a lot of courage to face those people on their own turf and risk the name calling or the throwing of fake blood or worse, that they are capable of.
I was disappointed that more officers didn’t come by as it it was announced at roll call at North, but I understand wanting to avoid a confrontation with these folks in these times.  The determination of you and your listeners not to be intimidated is a lesson for us all.
It is very frustrating to be part of an organization that constantly extols the values courtesy, respect, integrity, accountability, and excellence, but is led by a mayor that exhibits none of them. 
…This town is obsessed by fighting “perceived” slights and bigotry and hides it’s head in the face of the real hatred and bigotry as displayed by the protester class.  That dichotomy explains so much as to why the town I grew up in is now circling the drain.  Can’t fix the potholes in the street, but they can run the climate. 
[…]I can’t claim to speak for the Bureau or most of it’s members, but I am tired of fools and haters governing our ability to give the vast majority of Portlanders the public safety services they deserve.  Too much is at stake for us and the citizens of this city for “perception” to trump reality.  The use of “perception” is only an admission that people choose not to think about what they believe. The bigotry and ignorance of these people is clear to any fair minded person. I remember the words of an American at Lexington, “If you mean to have a war, let it begin here”.  Let the battle of ideas begin.
Thanks for all you do
[redacted] from [redacted]

Shhhh…Don’t Tell. They were told not to come!

The anarchist folks told their followers to dress up in uniforms and impersonate officers. A few tried but they just couldn’t get their discipline mojo working and were outed as frauds. We gave them coffee anyway. The peace activists were served coffee. Homeless were served coffee. Leftover donuts were taken to the church feeding station across the street.

I was the plain clothes police officer with [redacted] from [redacted]who showed up today. You are wonderful! Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work.


Real Military

The anarchist crowd is crowing about how few uniforms showed up. Well, we’re told the Portland Police Bureau told their officers not to come. I don’t care. Here’s the measure of success for yesterday’s event: In every morning and afternoon lineup, on email lists, and on phone trees, “uniforms” all over the area were told that a small band of citizens was willing to stand up to those folks at the Red and Black; to stand in front of a place that discriminates against and dishonors those who serve us in uniform and very publicly expose them.

If that brought a smile to their faces then it was worth it.

Monkey Wrenchers

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