December 5, 2005


That was quite a lovely piece in the newspaperofrecordHA! over the weekend on Judge James, the author of the incoherent decision overturning Measure 37 (the essentials of which have been overwhelmingly passed by voters twice now).

We find out about growing up in a large Catholic family, about how her parents missed her 16th birthday, about her successful bout with cancer, and then on page four (of the online edition) we find what should have been in the lead or at least a stand alone story:

Experienced jurists say circuit judges don’t expect everybody to agree with their decisions. She may well have erred, but that in no way reflects whether she is fit to be a judge,” says Edwin J. Peterson, retired chief justice of the Oregon Supreme Court. “There is a completely adequate remedy on the next level. A substantial number of people on the Supreme Court are ‘wrong’ a substantial part of the time. Are they going to recall those judges?”

Did you catch that those words were spoken by a former CHIEF JUSTICE of the state supreme court? How can he be so cavalier about a poorly constructed decision overturning a measure that was overwhelmingly passed by voters and which was clearly incorrectly decided.

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