Radical Gays Affirm: Church Has No Role in This American Life

Somewhere there’s a tolerant middle. Until then the Intolerant “Tolerance” Crowd Radicals hold the largest megaphone in Oregon’s continuing shouting match over same sex marriage. Their voice drowned out moderation in this latest battle in the culture wars when they sent emails to OPB (government radio) complaining of the station’s choice to host a presentation by popular host of ‘This American Life’, Ira Glass, at a 1500 seat venue–which just happened to be a church.

New Hope Church, whose large edifice sits regally off I 205, is also home to Pastor Ray Cotton who supported the 2004 initiative calling for marriage to be between a man and a woman. Scandal! Voters in Oregon overwhelmingly voted to add language to Oregon’s constitution holding that marriage was between a man and a woman. It passed with 57% of the vote. The good Pastor was, uh, preaching to the choir.

OPB received two emails of complaint about Glass’s appearance in the church. Then, as the Zero story points out here, OPB’ers started checking out blogs where commenters were outraged about it. They were outraged that Glass would hold his talk in New Hope’s large worship center where Cotton preached on traditional values. Scandal! One blogger started stirring up opposition to the venue and voila! No more church in ‘This American Life.’

Apparently OPB’ers didn’t bother to check out the Christian blog sites to determine reaction to the show in the church. Christians apparently don’t count to the OPB’ers. For the record, there was no Christian opposition to Glass’s appearance.

The radical gays now have scuttled the appearance of a talented performer at the church AND threaten to ‘out’ names of people who sign a petition to revisit the gay marriage issue (see previous posts here and here), which the legislature overturned in the last session in obvious contradiction to the will of the voters.

Even if you’re a gay activist, you have to acknowledge the intolerance of your friends, the tolerance of the church to host this show, the scandalous undermining of the initiative process, and the cowardly fear shown by OPB that gays would be upset with them.

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