January 27, 2023

Episode 85

Racing to Mediocrity: Virginia’s War on Merit with Asra Q. Nomani & Shawnna Yashar

Virginia is ground zero in a war between school administrators and parents, and no one would have known if not for two vigilant moms.

This past December, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology — a STEAM-centric magnet high school in Fairfax County, Virginia — made waves after it was revealed that students who had been recognized by the National Merit Scholar program as Commended Students and Semifinalists had not been notified of the awards, costing them precious opportunities for early college admission, scholarships and more. Two parents of affected students, Shawnna Yashar and Asra Q. Nomani, decided to dig deeper and discovered TJ was ground zero for a systemic failure that has its roots in the so-called “equity” movement. Now it’s been found that eighteen schools in four northern Virginia counties have similarly failed to notify students. Is it incompetence, or something more sinister?



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