Public Expression of Religion Act

January 19, 2006


Rees Lloyd is a former ACLU attorney, former civil rights attorney, former attorney for Caesar Chavez and even HE has had it with the ACLU! The ACLU takes advantage of the attorneys fees act passed in 1977 pertaining to civil rights cases. This was a pay day for the “free” ACLU, whose attorneys work for FREE or whose staff attorneys are paid by donations and some of the attorneys fees. But because of that law, the plaintiff is given attorneys fees—when there are NO fees.
Portland’s Boy Scout case? The ACLU picked off $108,000 from the taxpayers for their fees. The ATTORNEYS WORKED FOR FREE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
Find out about the Public Expression of Religion Act. Maybe if the ACLU’S profit motive was taken out of these cockamamie Cross on public/private/monument lands they’d get out of the business of trying to wipe out all religious references (even historical references) on public lands.

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