June 2, 2023

Episode 97

Proportionate Consequences: Jake Lang’s Long Road to Justice

January 6 arrestee Jake Lang joins the program to talk life during incarceration, his upcoming trial, and his opinion of the charges against him.

Jake Lang took part in the riot on the US Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021. Of that, there is no doubt. But now, over two and a half years later, Lang continues to languish in a federal penitentiary, awaiting trial at an unknown future date for his role in the fiasco, charged with an obscure crime that few have heard of. He claims he is being transferred repeatedly between facilities — a technique referred to as “diesel therapy” — to restrict his access to his attorneys. He accuses Capitol Police of being responsible for the death of a woman suffocated by the crowd that day. He calls himself a patriot.

Is he a martyr, a madman, or a menace? You decide.



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