Pro Illegal Immigrant Rallies: We Hate Gringos but We Want to Live Here. Whazzat?

May 1, 2006


I liken what’s happened on the streets of Oregon and throughout the country as being tantamount to the acts of petulant children who stole something from the store and then demanded they be given the item AND an apology from the store owner. This rampant sense of entitlement won’t play with people have worked hard, played by the rules, and who think we should have a higher regard for our nation’s security and sovereignty than we’ve shown before. We have brave men and women fighting in Iraq for our security. We should do no less than demand secure borders, if nothing else than to honor them.

Go to Daniel to find out how the professional protester class is helping parents with getting their children out of school here. Go to Allen to find out how much more quiet the criminals are in anticipation of today’s marches here. The Cheezer is keeping track of all the businesses closed today to allow their illegal alien workers happy here. Go to Michelle Malkin here to find a running tally of all the I Hate Gringo Day antics.
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