Pot to Kettle: Part Trois

January 13, 2006


Portland City Commissioners are SHOCKED, SHOCKED that the Tram costs so much and that they didn’t know it!
Day two of the Oregonian finally discovering the Tram Scam.
Hey, Oregonian, as long as you guys over there are beginning to see the light, may we recommend a hard look at the urban renewal dollars spent that remove dollars (hey how about we call it ‘urban removal dollars’?) from the public trough that could be used for schools?
Oh, wait, I know, how about the rip off that is the half a mil for the hippies at Tryon Creek State Park.
Here are some other areas where the Oregonian could make some inquiries instead of just rubber stamping the local authorities.

This after the schools refuse to close even MORE schools due to diminishing numbers of students
This after the city paid off protesters to the tune of $300,000 for getting pepper sprayed after they refused to get out of the street and impeding law abiding citizens
This after they oversaw tax abatements to wealthy Pearl District (and other) districts
This after building a tram for OHSU–against the wishes of the citizenry which has zoomed up from $15 million to $45 million
This after the water bureau pissed away two computer systems
This after the city has proposed taxing real estate purchases to give to the poor

This after the city has proposed taxing the internet and cell phone
Expansion of the convention center and moving forward for plans for hotel something that will not help Oregon get more convention dollars because of a depression in the Convention Business for everywhere except ‘Vegas.

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