Pot to Kettle: Part Deux

January 12, 2006


The Oregonian has discovered the story of the tram scam. Apparently the O’s cheerleading is over for the project, at least it is for columnist Steve Duin, who interviewed Commish Randy Leonard on the matter. Leonard is absolutely, resolutely against spending one more dime of the city’s (trans: ours) on this white elephant. Did you catch that? He still wants to build it. He just doesn’t want the city to throw even more good money after bad in this aerial boondoggle. It’s apparently okay for the city to spend $72 million on top of all the other giveaways to OHSU to build this ride for their doctors; selling million dollar condos with million dollar views stolen from the home owners whose houses soon will have a tram gliding above.
Who will be the first Portlander in the Ruling Class who states the obvious: DON’T BUILD IT.

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