Portland Terrorism Redux: Portland City Water Employee Charged With Terrorism

March 5, 2013


TERROR REAZ QADIR KHAN MUG SHOT   The City of Portland has been keenly concerned about a terrorist attack on its open reservoirs for many years now. So sensitive are City officials to contamination that (now former) Council member and Water Bureau overseer, Randy Leonard actually emptied eight million gallons of water from a reservoir when a camera caught one drunk guy on a bender peeing in a reservoir at Mt. Tabor. Here’s a thought. Perhaps we could save a whole lot of grief, not to mentions future millions of gallons of water, if we’d just stop hiring terroristat the City of Portland. 

When terrorists aren’t busy PRETENDING to be City of Portland employees as Mohamed Mohamud did when he disguised himself as a City employee during the November 26, 2010 attempted Christmas Tree Bombing, the City is actually HIRING them. Take Lamumba Ford for example. No really, please take him. Lamumba Ford waJihad Portland Seven Malkins once hired by the Vera Katz Administration as an intern. Strike that. The member of the Portland Seven was a “model intern.” He negatively came onto the City’s radar when he sent a racist email to City Hall but it was only later when he tried to get to Afghanistan to kill US Soldiers that they said, ‘OK, Lamumba, it would have been different if you’d been a Jew sending racist emails to black people. We could have helped you. But dammit, you’re a black guy sending racist emails to Jews and the Mayor is a Jew and we would have overlooked that but then you had to go try to join the Jihad…’*  Oy.  Last straw. (*For the liars at Politi”fact” this is known as satire.)

Now we hJihad MO MO GUILTYave Water Bureau employee Reaz Qadir Khan.(Maybe this is the guy Mohamed Mohamud was dressing as!) Khan is a 48 year old man who came to the Water Bureau in 2007. No, he didn’t try to contaminate the water supply that we’re aware of.  This stand up American actually got up the money from his generous $63K/ yr salary we taxpayers were giving him to help a jihadist from the Maldives blow up a bunch of people at the Pakistani secret police headquarters, the ISI, in 2009.  Not quite as sexy as blowing up Americans, but the 30 killed and 300 injured were too much even in the People’s Republic of Portland. 

According to the indictment (see below) Khan had been giving material support to his jihadi buddy, Ali Jaleel, for two years by the time he was hired by the City of Portland. According to the FBI, City Employee Khan gave his buddy from the Maldives enough dough to go to a terrorist training camp.  Glad to know those back ground checks are so thorough. But on second thought maybe he was given extra credit in the City vetting process for sending an underprivileged Muslim to camp.

Khan is also believed to have given his friend the jihadi his word to take care of his wives–yes, wives–and children and to “bring them up well.” That probably got him big points with the City for taking in a refugee family. 

Khan will be in court again tomorrow afternoon. His attorneys, Larry Matasar, a well known Portland area defense attorney and Amy Baggio, who works with the Federal Public Defenders Office when she’s not working to get GITMO detainees freed, will serve as Khan’s attorneys. Ethan Knight, who just successfully prosecuted Mohamed Mohamud, is representing the United States in the case. 

A tentative court date has been set for May 5th. That ain’t gonna happen. Stay tuned for rescheduling of that court date.