Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant gives Portland’s Lincoln High School a lesson in economics, recycling–and smarts

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Portland Public Schools could have been such heroes if they’d just played this right. If they were planning to throw away the taxpayers’ equipment for which Daylight Disinfectant busted them a few days ago, then why not do the right thing and hold a big give-away to the poor families who need a desk of their own? Or give them a chance to make money by flipping the stuff on eBay? Ever heard of a Rummage Sale ala Catlin Gabel, Lincoln?

The schools spokesman claims Lincoln had planned to put the items on eBay and defray the cost. But that didn’t happen. In fact, Daylight Disinfectant found some of the same items in the dumpster AGAIN! Table tennis anyone?

Now he’s back and, using everything out of the dumpster, is able to conduct an entire class on Financial Management and recycling. Ahem. 

Lincoln, you have some 'splainin to do!
Lincoln, you have some ‘splainin to do!

Somebody has some ‘splainin to do.


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