Michael Strickland potentially faces decades in prison for being found guilty on 21 counts, ten of which are felonies, for defending himself against violent, black bloc thugs, protesters and assailants.

Now we find out what happens to those types of protesters when they are arrested.

According to the Portland Mercury, this is the disbursement of “justice” to the 171 people arrested, as they put it, “in the Trump era”:

Portland Mercury

According to the Mercury:

According to an analysis of the 171 protest-related arrests in Portland since post-election demonstrations began in November, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has rejected more than half—a whopping 99 cases.

Of the 72 defendants who remained, 45 had their cases reduced to traffic violations, 13 are awaiting trial for misdemeanors (with one already found guilty), 12 are awaiting trial for felonies (mostly from November demonstrations), one juvenile case was referred to Washington County, and another case was dismissed as part of a plea bargain.

Michael Strickland defended himself against violent protesters who conspired to deprive him of his first amendment right to cover the event. He may go to prison. Some of the same protesters get traffic tickets for their violent behavior.