Portland Pot Petitioners Demand Pay… in Pot

June 18, 2014


Dopes. Pot petition circulators’ pay checks bounce; demand free pot.oregon-marijuana-medical-dispensaries

A small group of canvassers collecting signatures for two Oregon pot legalization measures are on strike after their paychecks were late or bounced. 

The disgruntled employees, calling themselves United Campaign Workers, have filed a grievance with National Labor Relations Board.

Among the demands made by the employees are, according to KGW TV, “longer training sessions, established “turf autonomy” and travel reimbursement. It also said canvassers who are medical marijuana patients should receive “medication gratis from clinics” operated by The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, which is owned by chief legalization campaign petitioner Paul Stanford. He has worked to legalize marijuana in Oregon for more than 20 years. , “

Stanford is trying to write marijuana into the Oregon Constitution. Two pro pot petitions are being circulated to be considered for the November ballot.