Portland Police Officer Hurt by Occupy Portland IED Earns Medal

September 10, 2012

Reuters, The Atlantic

It turns out the Portland Police Officer who was hurt in Mayor Sam Adam’s Planned Riot last November 13th was hurt a lot worse than cops let on at the time.

Ofcr Curtis Brown (2008) Oregonian Photo

When Occupy Portland members threw an IED at the cops, Officer Curtis Brown’s quadricep was torn in half. Police pulled Officer Brown’s body away from the crowd, put him on a gurney and wheeled him to a waiting ambulance. I remember coming upon the scene as the Officer was brought to the ambulance.

Occupy Portlander Arrested for Throwing IED at cop

IED Thrower Released for Lack of Evidence

Cops soft pedaled the crime at the time because of the possibility of riot and the Officer’s injury fell into the memory hole amid the Occupy’s planned cop tauntings,   vanity protests and now the poor babies’ court cases.

Occupy Cop Taunters/Dilettantes

It was just another attack which included an Occupy Portland protester–and convicted rapist–who tried to shove a cop under an on coming bus, molotov cocktail making in the Occupy encampment, and IED’s being brought up by hacks from southern Oregon.

It wasn’t until now that we found out just how badly injured the Officer was.

On Friday Officer Curtis Brown was give the Portland Police Star, designating his severe injury in the line of duty. According to the Zero (here) he actually limped to across the state to receive the award.

The douche who was arrested for the attack was eventually let go due to lack of evidence. Although he was fingered by protesters at the time of the attack and arrested, apparently there were just no witnesses willing to come forward and testify. Imagine that.

I’ve waited all weekend to post this. I’ve waited for my seething to abate. The Occupy Dilettantes and the idiots in power who indulged these children deserve public excoriation. Again. And the Occupiers deserve to have the book thrown at them in their court cases. Any judge who goes easy on these anarchists looking past their violent lawbreaking willfully ignores what really happened there and should be defrocked.

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