Portland ‘Ferguson’ Protester Punches Man Stuck in Car And It Reminds Us Of…

December 1, 2014

This Portland motorist is lucky he didn't get more than a punch from Ferguson protesters considering what happened in St. Louis.

…what actually happened in St. Louis, near Ferguson.

In St. Louis, a Bosnian man was beaten to death with hammers when he got out of his car to demand a mob of black teens stop attacking his car. He died later at a hospital. 

Meanwhile in Portland, Laughing at Liberals captured the moment when ‘peaceful’ protesters punched this driver:

Black Dude Assaults White Dude, Michael Brown Protest

Michael Brown protesters block traffic in Portland, and one dude isn’t happy about it. He starts to jaw with some of the wackjobs, when a couple of black dud…

Another guy taking video captured the same moment:
Hey, Portland police, instead of rounding up law abiding journalists, why not arrests the thugs? …just a thought.