I’m told by the PPB that riding naked on your bike isn’t illegal unless you’re a pervert. 
They, however, have no way of knowing if that guy riding naked around the school is a pervert or simply a carefree, car free, exhibitionist. Apparently you have to take the Anthony Weiner test and someone has to get worked up over it before anyone can be arrested. 

I asked about this yesterday because of the naked bike ride. The naked bike ride is an excuse to take over the streets, get drunk, grab somebody’s bike and ride it to “make a statement.” 
The “statement” is MANY statements. Apparently they can’t keep the rationale straight.

Herewith are some of the excuses I read, saw, heard for riding in the naked bike ride:

To cut down on foreign fuel use (no, I’m not kidding). Do you know how many of those people at a bean burrito before riding? I rest my case.
To use as a metaphor for how naked bicyclists are out there on the streets.
To express their hatred for cars.
To get drunk, get naked and get crazy! 
To get to the all ages after party. BYOB, kids! 
To see how long the city and cops will draft for you on the way to Sodom.

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