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From my friend, Rees Lloyd, American Legion, on the issue of illegal immigration:

I wrote a Resolution, “Equal Application Of Selective Service Laws To Illegal Aliens,”which was adopted as national policy of The American Legion by vote of delegates to the 2007 National Convention. The Resolution calls on Congress to enforce the Selective Service Act, which expressly includes “illegal aliens”as among the males residing in the U.S. who must register for the draft between the ages of 18 and 26. However, the government simply does enforce the Selective Service law against illegals.
Want to know how to track down the 20-million Mexicans in the U.S.? Simply have the police ask for production of draft cards whenever they make a stop of all males between the ages of 18-26, the same way the cops ask for a driver’s license. No draft card; go to jail, and be deported. The ACLU claims it is a constitutional violation for cops to ask about immigration status; no court has held it is a constitutional violation for cops to ask for draft cards.

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