PJ Media: Riot Timeline. Trump’s Still Speaking When Riot Starts

January 15, 2021

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This is my latest from PJ Media. This is the most comprehensive timeline for the January 6th assault of the US Capitol. I’ve seen national magazine attempts and they’ve failed. No one else has invested the time and effort that I and my editor have to nail down the timeline. We feel like we’ve midwifed a baby.

But a timeline is essential. Any lawyer will tell you so.

Mainstream media, which is by default Left, prefer there be a fog and over the events and the timeline so they may overlay whatever malevolent, wrong,  and unfair allegations against President Trump they think they can get away with. Some may be true, but the media undermine their authority when they pick a side. 

I’m an opinion guy, they’re not.

My thinking is that if the media have a gripe against the president, then they should specifically back the complaints up with facts, not opinion, which possesses a benefit of the doubt. This is a fatal flaw of the media.

As I’ve pointed out at my piece called Which of These Words Spoken by Trump Would Cause You to Riot? the media need to state its case. Which of the president’s words would make you take a hammer, break glass, and beat up a cop to get inside? I notice hundreds of thousands of people didn’t do that.

Timeline: Trump Was Still Speaking When the Capitol Riot Began, But the Left Blamed Him Anyway

Please read my post about the timeline. 

Timeline: Trump Was Still Speaking When the Capitol Riot Began, But the Left Blamed Him Anyway

Here’s a sampling:

This week’s impeachment of President Trump was done under the pretext that he urged people attending the Save America rally to riot at the Capitol Building. There’s no evidence that the president’s words urged riot or unrest, as I pointed out at PJ Media. In fact, there are things he said that mitigated against the claim that he urged people to crash the Capitol Building, scare people, and break things. But could President Trump have stopped it? Our timeline shows the president was still on stage and speaking when the clash at the Capitol started.

Indeed, it’s possible the siege could have been averted had the Capitol Police taken the advice of the FBI and NYPD monitoring the chatter of the QAnon conspiracy theorists planning the assaultand responded with increased security. The lax security was observed by a shocked senior analyst at the Center for Security Policy.

[…]Some suggest that questioning the election results and then holding the rally itself were bad ideas, but President Trump did not urge the crowd to violently overthrow the Capitol Building in his speech. He talked of a …

Timeline: Trump Was Still Speaking When the Capitol Riot Began, But the Left Blamed Him Anyway

The timeline is found here.