PHONE RECORDS: Quick. Call the Cops.

May 12, 2006


The NSA phone records spying “scandal“. 63% of Americans are in favor of spying on Al Qaeda. The other 37% use the services below. The congress uses this.
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These guys have cried wolf too many times. Come in from out on the ledge. We’re fighting a war.

The NSA computers take the four trillion numbers in the two trillion calls to look for clusters that might suggest terrorist connections.

There is no constitutional protection for information YOU PROVIDE to a third party (phone company?)

There is no surveillance of the person whose phone records are received.

It’s a quadrillion bit program designed to analyze if there are patterns of phone calling. No names, addresses, personal info of any kind is given. No conversation information is given.

The government can –if it sees a pattern of calls—de-anonymize the records.

After 9/11 JetBlue Airways and Northwest Airlines offered privacy protected passenger records to NASA and the Pentagon for research for data mining.

Verizon, Bellsouth, ATT all coorperated with the Gov’t. Qwest didn’t want to without a warrant. That’s nice. Qwest: you’re gone.

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