Pete the Banker: The President ‘Doing Everything He Can’ On Government Shutdown

October 3, 2013


President Obama Doing ‘Everything He Can’ obama upset

Obama is insisting he has “bent over backwards”, doing everything he can to work with Republicans.

Fresh from a meeting established to bully John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, the President suggests he is eager to deal with the Republicans to avert government shutdown, default.

Kind of contrary to prior media proclamations by him??

“Obama tells congressional leaders he won’t negotiate on shutdown, debt”

“The president made clear to the leaders that he is not going to negotiate over the need for Congress to act to reopen the government or to raise the debt limit to pay the bills Congress has already incurred,” the White House said.

“Obama’s No-Negotiation Stance Setting New Tone”

This time, President Barack Obama says, he’s not budging. This is the confrontational Obama, the “Make my day” president, betting Republicans blink to avoid a government shutdown or a first-ever default of the nation’s debts.

So sleep well, your President is doing everything he can???!

Pete the Banker is an anonymous Oregon banker. He’s anonymous because of what happens to more conservative businessmen on the left coast. He’s also a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce.