Pete the Banker: ObamaCare Promise: ‘You won’t have to do a thing’

November 7, 2013



You’ve heard the promises which have turned to lies,

obama health plan meme malkin “Here’s a guarantee that I’ve made,” Obama says. “If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance.”  July

 “Nobody is trying to change what works in the system,” Obama says. “We are trying to change what doesn’t work in the system.” July 28, 2009

 “If you like your plan, and you like your doctor, you won’t have to do a thing,” Obama said. “You keep your plan. You keep your doctor. If your employer is providing you with good insurance, terrific! We’re not going to mess with it.” June 23, 2009

But the next shoe is set to drop on ObamaCare–two, in fact,  and unless you’re ready for it, you’re in for a shock. 

 1.            Small and Large Group Employers compliance with ACA will cause the same result we are now seeing in the individual market, only it will potentially have an impact upon 5 – 6 times more people, over 100MM. They will lose their coverage whether they like it or not.  Their respective employers may replace with a policy complying or may simply kick them out into the open exchange market.

2.            The White House assertions that the quality of coverage improves to dispel complaints about Obamas promises is absolutely bogus.   As originally covered by US News and World Report in 2009/2010 ( I can dig up hard copy since I have somewhere at home) and more recently by Forbes, those insured under employer plans  will see their cost reimbursement under their policies falling from 80%+ of total medical costs incurred under the current employer  coverage system to 60% +/- under the government mandated system.  The same can be said about the individual health insurance market by the way.  

This is a reality the press has not spent much time  commenting upon. While large employers got a White House waiver, smaller group insurers were a little more creative  and simply renewed existing coverage early.  Small group insurers renewed early this year in November/December (Generally renewal dates are in January ) to push the problem of ACA compliance forward to the end of 2014.  Forbes has done a recent series on the pending late 2014 problem which got little media play.  Today, I noticed CBS put out a blurb which will likely be a one off and soon to disappear from their coverage.  See the headline nearby. 

obamacare headline

The real problem isn’t the absolute failure of the website.  Its failure has simply directed attention toward the individual health insurance catastrophe unfolding. But ultimately the real story awaits and is that Obamacare is a sham especially for those who were covered under employer based and individual plans in existence prior to the ACA and who will lose that coverage by 2015. 

This is that same old liberal story line, the government says it can miraculously provide you something better for nothing!!   Unfortunately, as is always the case, government is not providing something for nothing and  those who were responsible enough to have had pre-existing health coverage will be paying for everyone else, while saddled with poorer quality, higher cost health insurance plans.