Hey, at least we’re not the worst! We’re just tied for 17th place (story here).  And up the road in Seattle? That city’s the top place to get a job this winter (story here). 
Our tales of woe are reflected in our unemployment numbers (here). We have a 10.7% unemployment rate. That’s up 3/10% from the previous month. Where are those “green” jobs, anyway?

((Do you know why they call them “Green” jobs? Because you have to pay them to “create” them. Rim shot, please.))
Here’s another thing to puzzle over as long as I’m rambling: How many jobs have we lost in a) Oregon overall and, b) Portland specifically versus the number of jobs “created” by the “green” industry? Is it as bad as Spain’s ratio of two jobs lost for every one green job bought and paid for by the now unemployed taxpayers?
The world awaits the answer.

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