PDX Cops Won’t Release "No Confidence" Vote; Humphreys Reinstated (?)

November 30, 2009


Chief Sizer and Commissioner Saltzman come around on the Officer Chris Humphreys suspension. Humphreys was suspended for not taking the initiative and taking James Chasse to the hospital after falling on him during a police chase. When Humphreys participated in another police incident, beanbagging a girl who attacked a cop at a Max platform (where she was already ‘excluded’ by the cops) the Police Officers Association went off on the city. PPA President, Sgt Scott Westerman, organized a rally, did a blitz of media and organized the “no confidence” vote whose results were expected this afternoon. 
Instead the media got this: 

“…the PPA announced today it will not release the results of the ballots returned in the union’s no confidence vote. The PPA advocated for the reversal of Officer Humphreys [sic] suspension, and the reinstatement of his full police powers, and we are happy that Commissioner Saltzman and Chief Sizer have accepted our point of view.

 “Today’s actions grant those basic due process rights [to officer Chris Humphreys]. PPA President Scott Westerman said he was encouraged by the decision and believes the door is now open to efforts that will strengthen public safety in the region…”

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