Path to 9/11 Reportedly Has Only 1 Minute Cut Out. ABC Hangs In.

September 10, 2006


I stand corrected: ONLY ONE MINUTE OF THE MOVIE WAS CUT (according to friend of director).
*But after ABC takes great pains to point out this is a ‘docu drama,’ spends the extra 22 minutes it has to puts on a NEWS update on the war in Iraq/Afghanistan. They point out the ten times Clinton had a chance to take out Bin Laden and the one time at Tora Bora Bush has and put them on equal footing (HEAR TAPE HERE). Very interesting. Still, I’ll give ABC this they did accurately depict the Clintonistas and their response to the Bin Laden threats: They were NO SHOWS.
But look, forget the Senate report. Just watch these (factual) connections and come to your own conclusions.
I’m grateful the movie refers to the murder in 1990 of
Rabbi Meir Kahane because it’s so clear that the Islamo fascists had started their ops in the US at least that early.
Ramzi Yousef’s (the mastermind of the first WTC bombing 1993) is Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s (Al Qaeda and mastermind of the second WTC bombing 2001) nephew. Don’t forget: the bomb maker for the first WTC bombing was an IRAQI, Abdul Rahmin Yasin. And remember the FBI mistakenly let this guy go THREE TIMES. He escaped back to Iraq and hasn’t been caught since.
Then we get to the bombing in 1994 of the Philippines Airlines flight by Ramzi Yousef and we see this as a precurser to Operation Bojinka in
1995 and the attempted bombing of an American Airlines flight in Dec 2001 by Richard Reid (the shoebomber).

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