Parking Fines Skyrocket In Porkland

December 1, 2009


The Porkland City Council increased parking fines in efforts to raise more revenue, even though they deny it. They claim standard fines have increased by only $10, but;

The fine for blocking a fire hydrant increased from $100 to $150

Blocking access to a handicap ramp will incur a $210 fine, up from $150

Parking in a disabled zone without a valid permit increased more than 100 percent, $450 up from $190.

Unlawfully using grannies a handicapped permit will now cost $720, up from $450.

Claiming the increases were not a “cash grab,” officials also expect to generate more than $500,000 yearly from the tax increases.

And, what about all the bicyclists clogging downtown Porkland? Will they ever pay their fair share?

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