Oregon’s (alleged) Terror Funding Organization Gets Religious Tracts Back

July 24, 2006


The Oregon based organization accused by the US Treasury of being a money conduit for terror organizations will get its religious literature back. The Al Haramain organization, based in Ashland, stands accused of receiving money for “charitable purposes” and giving it to Al Qaeda. The principals of the organizations are off sorting their socks where the feds can’t touch them.
Here’s what the Treasury said about the organization when it shut them down in 2004:

The investigation shows direct links between the U.S. branch and Usama bin Laden. In addition, the affidavit alleges the U.S. branch of AHF criminally violated tax laws and engaged in other money laundering offenses. Information shows that individuals associated with the branch tried to conceal the movement of funds intended for Chechnya by omitting them from tax returns and mischaracterizing their use, which they claimed was for the purchase of a prayer house in Springfield, Missouri.

Other information available to the U.S. shows that funds that were donated to AHF with the intention of supporting Chechen refugees were diverted to support mujahideen, as well as Chechen leaders affiliated with the al Qaida network.

he Oregonian on Saturday reported the story that the organization, which has sued the US Government for eavesdropping on privileged attorney/client phone calls, asked for the tracts back.

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