October 14, 2006


Which goes to prove that SOMEtimes the newspaper of record (HA!) GETS IT RIGHT.

The following excerpts are from the Saxton campaign which is touting the endorsement. Herewith are some of the quotes the Saxton folks say are contained in Sunday’s Oregonian.

“Ron Saxton opens many of his campaign appearances with a question: Are you satisfied with Oregon and its state government? We’re not.”

“This state must change, and the change must begin at the top: Voters should elect Ron Saxton as the next governor.”

“But Oregon needs new energy, new blood, new ideas and a determination to get them done. And only Saxton, the most capable Republican candidate for Oregon governor in the 24 years that Democrats have held the job, promises to bring that passion for change to the executive office.”

“Saxton, meanwhile, is eager to pursue creative, even controversial, ways to make available dollars stretch further. He doesn’t believe the only chance is a new insurance tax, or the same shrunken state patrol. He’s ready to attack the health care costs eroding education budgets. He’s prepared to experiment with outsourcing some state administrative tasks to save money and be more effective. He’s willing to go looking for cost savings, efficiencies and innovations where no Oregon governor has gone over the past two decades.”

“…on the core issues – strengthening education, bolstering the police and restoring the trust of voters – Saxton stands just where Oregon’s next governor must stand.”

“…we recommend that voters select him as their next Governor”

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