Oregon OrBamaCare board members cheer broken system: “It’s working.”

November 22, 2013


Covered Oregon board members held a public meeting at Portland State University last night that was nothing more than a cheerleading session for a losing team. Covered Oregon has signed up not one person, has missed almost all of its deadlines and has now turned to blaming the feds for giving them little to no help. Despite that, one board member actually said–and I’m not making this up—

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“I think the good news is, this is working.” Quote of the day from #OrBamaCare meeting. @LaughAtLibs @daylightdis @ihiohsupsu @CoverOregon

As someone on twitter said recently, “Saying ObamaCare is working despite the website problems is like saying my car works great considering it doesn’t have an engine.”

OrBamaCare board members parried such questions as, “Will artists get health care?”

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Will ARTISTS be covered under #OrBamaCare? Really? We’re in a freaking depression! @ihiohsupsu @CoverOregon@LaughAtLibs @daylightdis

Considered questions of ‘social justice,’

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The “social determinants of health” which create the “health inequities”? @LaughAtLibs @daylightdis @ihiohsupsu @CoverOregon

And gloated that the street kids who flop at Outside In will get clean needles.

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Great: tweakers at Outside In get health care.Does it cover vet care for pit bulls?@LaughAtLibs @daylightdis @ihiohsupsu @CoverOregon

But were any serious questions brought up about the dysfunctional computer system? I heard one mention of it when the member from Outside In claimed they had a boffo day at sign ups.

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“Big demand! On first day, two people showed up. Of course, the portal wasn’t open.” @LaughAtLibs @daylightdis @ihiohsupsu @CoverOregon

Organizers livestreamed the meeting and asked for questions, but, as you can see from the commenters, they were being ignored.
5:36 ustreamer-411141: I’m curious why an agent is needed to apply.
6:12 ustreamer-012254: John spoke about the high demand and incredible benefits that homeless and drug addicted people will get. Can somebody address how the costs for all these new services will be paid.
6:26 ustreamer-662054: what the heck..the site doesn’t work…why advertise it
6:27 ustreamer-019414: Which site, this? I don’t think anyone is monitoring these comments, if you have a question, try tweeting them
6:40 ustreamer-662054: how do you explain all the news of Doctors that are opting out of Obama Care? They are not participating…
6:40 ustreamer-662054: and also Hospitals
6:46 ustreamer-662054: in other words, let’s put some lipstick on this pig
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Covered Oregon officials don’t really want to answer questions from the little people, as you can see by this recent video by Citizen Journalist Laughing at Liberals who tried to get some responses from Governor Kitzhaber, but got a flock of cops in response.

OR Gov. Kitzhaber Refuses Questions On State Obamacare Debacle

“Is Cover Oregon an advertising campaign, or an actual program?” asks the videographer, while being shoved around by Governor John Kitzhaber’s security detai…