Oregon County Considers Declaring Itself Sanctuary for Gun Owners

March 18, 2019

"Freedom is only one generation from extinction..." - Ronald Reagan

Proving that lawless “sanctuary policies” work both ways, Yamhill County, Oregon will consider making itself a sanctuary for gun owners.

The county, home to the state’s most famous wine region and independent-minded farmers, will consider the Second Amendment Sanctuary measure on Thursday of this week.

Leftist city and state officials have fallen over themselves to declare themselves sanctuary to illegal aliens:

The Trump Administration is fighting the issue of cities, counties and states removing themselves from Federal law and authority is currently in the California based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

To make a point and to exempt themselves from onerous state and local laws, people in counties around the country have now proposed and passed “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

Measures have passed even in Illinois:

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2nd Amendment Sanctuary, also referred to as 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance or 2nd Amendment Protection Act, refers to resolutions adopted by some jurisdictions in the U.S. to not expend resources to enforcing gun control measures violating citizens Second Amendment Rights. pic.twitter.com/JW5aye6w16

Obviously, the right to keep and bear arms is a U.S. Constitutional right, but that hasn’t stopped the Oregon Democrat Autocrazy from passing several constraints on gun owners and floating several more anti-Second Amendment ideas.

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Sanctuary cities for illegal aliens the same as sanctuary cities for upholding the second amendment? No. One “sanctuary” protects illegal aliens the other a constitutional right. #2a #illegalaliens https://t.co/CgDDW8NzKV https://t.co/260wnnPsuN

The Oregon Firearms Federation is encouraging Yamhill County residents to attend the meeting:

“The best chance to stop these attacks on your liberty and property may well be at the county level.The meeting will be at the Yamhill County Courthouse, 535 NE 5th in McMinnville in room 32. (This is a courthouse so firearms are not permitted.)”

According to the Coos County Watchdog, several counties in Oregon are considering such measures:


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The Second Amendment Sanctuary idea has caught on in Colorado:

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Good https://t.co/kfIazEeCrQ

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7AM UPDATE: To date, more than a dozen counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties,” or some version, and local towns and cities are starting to follow. #2A #RedFlagLaws #ERPO #coleg #copolitics https://t.co/gl9sz1XrbL pic.twitter.com/SrTcz5jMq2

In New Mexico:

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Alamogordo declares itself Second Amendment sanctuary city #gunlaws https://t.co/C3siX5Y77X pic.twitter.com/Mr35l1OJEA

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The City Council voted 9 to 0 Thursday to adopt a resolution to make Roswell a Second Amendment sanctuary city https://t.co/4moBff1RRP

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Drawing inspiration from immigration “sanctuary cities,” conservative gun rights advocates opposing new gun control measures have a new movement: Second Amendment counties https://t.co/YuVCLr2LQI

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New Mexico’s HB 8 weakens daily, as more and more counties pass Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances, preventing enforcement of the new universal background check bill – along with 30 of the 33 sheriffs, who have agreed to not to enforce the law either.https://t.co/h4lxLhhUO3 pic.twitter.com/Q8Z5HmG0T0

A White House petition has been started:

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Provide Sanctuary for the Second Amendment | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government https://t.co/I1GjqA0wtx

Fremont County, Colorado Commissioner Dwayne McFall told the Canon City Daily Record,

“I think we’re trying to make a statement to the lawmakers in Denver who are acting on their own agenda and not listening to the rest of the state. We’re not sworn to uphold an unconstitutional law.”

Prower County Commissioner Wendy Buxton-Andrade put it bluntly:

“We are elected officials when we raise our hand to take office. We are sworn to protect the United States Constitution. In passing this resolution, we are protecting that right and protecting our constituents from those trying to take away that constitutional right, the Second Amendment.”

A Texas lawmaker is talking about making the entire state a Second Amendment Sanctuary:

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But Leftist blow-back has started:

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News Illinois Democrats push to ban Second Amendment sanctuary cities #BreakingNews #foxnews https://t.co/3xjWrej0pw pic.twitter.com/3mlrBtOBUA

All of this is silly, of course. The Bill of Rights is that which the government shall not do to an individual. The sanctuary policies of the Left call for defying Federal law. This Second Amendment Sanctuary calls for the entity to follow what is already enshrined in the U.S. Constitution: an individual’s God-given right, which shall not be infringed.

However, Leftists who didn’t learn civics may need to get a lesson in it from the Second Amendment sanctuary folks who figure what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The fun will be in watching them squirm and wriggle.